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We're experts

With over two decades of experience in the UK, we’ve mastered the art of house renovation. Our team of skilled professionals from Poland brings a wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship to every project


We're friendly

Our English-speaking team is here to make your renovating journey a pleasant one. We are not just experts; we’re your approachable partners in creating your exceptional living space


We're accurate

We pay close attention to every detail of your project. From the initial plans to the final touches, we will deliver accuracy in every step of your house renovation process


We're trusted

In 20 years we’ve earned the confidence of our clients through transparent communication, reliability and exceptional results. We’re not just another renovation company; we’re your trusted partners in turning your house into a home

about us

Welcome to CBW Algarve, where we combine skill, experience, and a friendly approach to create amazing living spaces you’ll love.

We’ve been in the renovation business for 20 years. Our journey started in the UK, where we gain our skills, and now, we are here, to make renovation in the Algarve.

What makes us special is our commitment to doing things right. We pay attention to every detail to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Your home is like a canvas, and we’re the artists working to bring your ideas to life.

Service, Quality, & Value

Service, quality, and value is the foundation of everything we do. We understand that your home is a significant investment. That’s why we focus on delivering exceptional service at every step of your renovation journey.

Quality is at the heart of our work. We never compromise on the quality of materials or craftsmanship.

Value is what sets us apart. We believe that every homeowner deserves a beautiful, well-crafted space without breaking the bank. With our experience and expertise, we are able to provide high-quality renovations at a fair and competitive cost.

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From stunning house renovation to innovative extensions, our work speaks for itself. Discover the possibilities and ideas for your renovation in the Algarve


Eugenia Usenko
Its not easy to find a good and accurate builder in the Algarve. I am glad that we met Mariusz. He is very friendly and qualified specialist. He gave us a nice and important advices on our project. Highly recommend